Name Bonus
Acrobatics 1
Appraise 0
Bluff 9
Climb 2
Craft 0
Diplomacy 5
Disable device 1
Disguise 5
Escape artist 1
Fly 7
Heal 1
Intimidate 9
Knowledge (arcana) 8
Knowledge (planes) 4
Linguistics 1
Perception 10
Perform 5
Ride 1
Sense motive 1
Spellcraft 6
Stealth 1
Survival 1
Swim 2
Use magic device 9
Abs Sorc DD Caster
6 5 1 5
Ability Base Bonus Final Mod
Str 14 0 14 2
Dex 12 0 12 1
Con 15 0 15 2
Int 10 0 10 0
Wis 12 0 12 1
Cha 18 2 20 5
Concent. HP CMB CMD Fort Ref Will
10 52 4 15 4 2 6
Spells per day
1 2 Claws
8 5 8
Abs Touch Flat
15 12 14
Natural attacks
Weapon Atk Dmg
2 x Claws (Magic dmg) 5 1d4 + 2

Languages: common, draconic
Spell resistance DC for enemies: 15 + Spell-lvl (+ 1 for Evos)


Lvl 0
Name Effect
Dancing Lights V,S; 1min 1-4 lights that can freely move. Range: 150 ft
Detect Magic V,S; Range: 60ft cone; Dur: up to 3 rounds. R1: presence of magic auras; R2: number and power of strongest; R3: strength and location of each aura. DC 15 + spelllvl knowledge arcana check for spell school
Mage Hand V,S; Range: 35 ; max obj weight: up to 5lbs
Message V,S,F; Range: 150ft; Duration 50 min
Prestidigitation V,S; Any sort of magical trick without much power
Mending V, S; Repair objects for 1d4
Lvl 1
Name Effect
Burning Hands V,S; Range: 15ft cone; ST: Reflex halves; Dmg: 5d4+5
Feather Fall V; Range 35;Dur:5; Fallspeed: 60ft/round
Shield V,S; Dur: 5min; negates magic missile; +4AC (shield bonus (also vs touch))
Mage Armor V,S,F; Dur: 5h; +4AC (armor bonus (also vs touch))
Magic Missile 'V, S, 150ft. Dmg 1d4+1/missile; 3 missiles. Hits ALWAY.
Lvl 2
Name Effect
Flaming Sphere V,S; d=5ft;Speed 30ft;Reflex negates; dmg: 3d6+3; Range: 150; Duration: 1 round per level; moving the sphere is a movement action for the caster.
Resist Energy V, S, DF; duration: 50min. Resist 10 vs chosen energy type
Pyrotechnics V,S, M; dur: 1d4+1 rounds; range: 400ft + 40/lvl. Turns a fire into a firework or a smoke cloud. *Firework*: Creatures within 120ft and direct line of sight become blinded. (Will negates, Spell resistance negates) *SmokeCloud*: dur: 5 rounds.All sight (even darkvision) is negated. All within cloud take -4str and -4 dex. Duration starts after leaving the cloud. Fortitude negates, Spellresistance doesn't apply


Name Bonus
Combat Casting +4 on concentration checks while casting defensively or grappled
Eschew Materials Don't need material components worth less than 1gp
Spellfocus (Evo) +1 DC on saving throws vs my evocations
Toughness +1 HP per lvl
Weapon Focus Natural Weapons +1 on attack rolls with natural weapons
Skilled HUmans get one extra skillpoint per level
Claws Can grow claws
Bloodline Arcana +1 dmg per die for firespells
Dragon Resistance +1 Natural armor; resist fire 5


Name Bonus
Insect Helmet +1AC that stacks with mage armor
Ring of Protection +1 Deflection Bonus
Charisma Headband +2 Charisma
Boots of vaulting Ignore an additional 10ft of falling distance when using acrobatics. Once per round as Free action gain a +10 bonus to jump. The jump is treated as if having a running start. +10 bonus on acrobatics check to avoid AOO after landing.
Shimmerrobe Delay 50% of all dmg taken to the end of my next turn