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My name is Felix, currently I'm working as software developer for neuroloop

I'm a Computer Science and programming enthusiast (and a huge nerd in many other regards). Here you'll find my Blog, and my projects, and other references. You can also find me on Github and LinkedIn, or you can send me a mail: please enable js to see the mail address

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Opensource Projects

Pyparadigm is a Python library which allows to arrange and display visual stimuli and react to user-input with minimal amounts of source code in a declarative manner.
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Datasheet is a python library which easily generates HTML pages containing Markdown text, pandas tables, matplotlib figures and nifti images.
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Markdown Note is a small command line utility to manage notes. It can be configured to use any editor and notes can be viewed as html using a browser
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I used to do a PhD, which I didn't finish, as I did it in Neuro-Psychology, and the longer it was going on, the more I realized, that this wasn't lining up with my interests. However, I produced a few publications in that time:

PyParadigm—A Python Library to Build Screens in a Declarative Way
Knorr FG, Petzold J, Marxen M.
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 2019

A comparison of fMRI and behavioral models for predicting inter-temporal choices
Felix G. Knorr, Philipp T. Neukam, Juliane H. Fröhner, Holger Mohr, Michael N.Smolka, Michael Marxen
NeuroImage 2020